The Success House was founded by a team of professionals who have a passion for success and are certified with the John Maxwell Group and the Jack Canfield Breakthroughs to Success Training Group. The Success House, a member of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, brings Master Classes to the community in an effort to help individuals win in life. Master Classes are held in the heart of the city of Jackson, MS at Millsaps College.

The Success House has a core belief that people regardless of age, race, gender, or economic status have a deep desire to achieve greatness. The Success House is committed to introducing individuals to strategies, concepts, inspiration, and motivation that will propel them into a more fulfilled life.

Our Core Belief: We believe all people, regardless of race, gender, or economic status, have a deep desire to achieve greatness!

Pay Full Retreat Cost: $749

Pay 6 installments: $124.83 per month